OpenNFC: NFC Stack for Android

22 Dec

NFC – Near Field Communication

OpenNFC is a comprehensive, commercial-grade, royalty-free NFC stack. It is issued under Apache License (Version 2.0).

The is doing great job with OpenNFC. This stack I think would bring in a lot of NFC players together to enrich the stack quality.

Good to know that this stack supports most of the operating systems like, Android, Linux, Windows CE/XP/Vista/7, Nucleus, etc.

With Nexus S having built-in support for NFC, there would be rise in the Android NFC apps and this would add more use cases to the NFC cause.

The has a formidable task ahead to manage interests of all the members and still take the next step in the NFC specifications. NFC Forum’s operational device certification program would to worth looking forward to.

With rising penetration of smart phones all over world, I’m sure contactless technologies like NFC would become a default feature in them, and that would make our lives more simpler!

Know more about NFC on Google’s Nexus S visit

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