Developer Friendly Development Platform

29 Jun

Yesterday I was jotting my thoughts on what could be ‘Must Have’ and ‘Nice To Have’ features in a Developer Friendly Development Platform.

Quickly I could think of following:

(Apart from Usual: SD/I2C/SPI/USB/EBI)

“Must Have” features :

  • Dual Core
  • Arm base
  • DSP Chip to process Video Application requirements
  • Dedicated Graphics chip
  • OS Support: Android, Linux
  • Good Memory (RAM)
  • Networking: Ethernet + Wireless
  • Multiple boot, storage options: (MicroSD, SD, USB, Nand flash)
  • In-built support for plug-n-play kind of framebuffer level debug for multimedia applications
  • 7″ Color, Touch screen
  • Digital camera support
  • Full support for audio
  • Low power
  • Power Supply: battery powered (DC) as well as normal (AC)
  • Low cost (Basic Model: USD 300-350)
  • Rugged
  • Minimal sensors: Accelerometer, Gyro, Pressure, Temp., etc.
  • Developer friendly reference manual, board schematics
  • A good set of error-free, simple “Getting Started Code Examples”
  • Good customer support/Community site

“Nice To Have” features :

  • OS Support: Windows Mobile
  • Sim Support
  • Hardware Support for gaming application development
  • Support for smooth integration of external sensors, devices (like, medical & allied), boards, etc.
  • Support for FPGA based development (Logic in FPGA can mimic different types of hosts)
  • Support for sister board which allows this board to fly

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